Call for Sessions

The call for sessions is now closed!

The Drupal Downunder Melbourne team invites you to vote for sessions around the following topics:

  • Building Sites and Systems
  • Code, Core and Contrib
  • Government, Education & NFPs
  • Stories and Case Studies
  • Theming and Design
  • The Business of Drupal

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Presenters whose sessions are scheduled in the final program can register for the conference at the Early Bird rate of $220.00. We aim to be able to record all conference sessions.

Building Sites and Systems

How do you build a Drupal site? How do you set up your web infrastructure? From system administration and database design, module choice and configuration to information architecture and content strategy - this is where to share your know-how on the technical nitty gritty of making Drupal sing.

Code, Core and Contrib

Pure development. Whether you want to talk about Drupal core or contributed modules, code libraries, coding techniques or revision control strategies, we want to hear how you do it, why you do it, and your ideas on how to do it better.

Government, Education & Not For Profits

Public sector and not for profit Drupal users and developers have different priorities and perspectives. How do you engage with the Drupal community? Have you got an in-house team or do you out-source your development? Talk about your experience with peers and colleagues, and take this opportunity to participate directly in the local Drupal community by sharing your knowledge.

Stories and Case Studies

Drupal users and site owners of all shapes and sizes are warmly invited to propose sessions about their Drupal sites - we want to know how you use Drupal. Tell us why you built your site and how well is it working. We'd like to hear about your frustrations and failures as well as your success stories. Where are you heading and what do you hope for the future?

Theming and Design

What do you know about the front end world of Drupal? We'd love to hear about design and theming, accessibility, usability, graphic design, user experience and interaction. From serviette sketches, wireframes, mockups, and sliceups to templates, tpl.phps and user testing.

The Business of Drupal

Drupal shops large and small, team leaders and project managers, recruiters.  How do you get on with business in the world of Drupal? How do you sell Drupal? How do you find, recognise and train Drupal talent? How do you support Drupal site owners? How do you allocate resources to contribute back to the project?