Code Sprint

With thanks to ICTEV we have space to hold a code sprint on the day following Drupal Downunder.

The code sprint, a free event, is an opportunity for you to help in the development of Drupal 8, it is open to drupalers of all levels that are intereted in getting more involved with the drupal project.

We will have experienced developers on hand to help beginners get up to speed and start to tackle 'Novice' issues in the Drupal core issue queue.

For those that have no PHP experience there will be opportunities to help improve Drupal documentation.

If you would like to attend the code sprint please sign up using this form to help us set up sufficient tables on the day and target content to your experience level.

What we will be covering (for beginners)

  • Drupal core and you!
  • How to create a good Drupal core issue summary
  • Setting up a local Drupal environment
  • Basics of git
  • Creating and applying patches

What you need

  • Your laptop
  • Some PHP experience reccomended
  • Snacks

Time & Location

16 Jan 9:30am - 4:30pm (the day after DDU)
Meeting Rooms A and B

ICT in Education Victoria
Statewide Resources Centre
Level 2 Room 10
150 Palmerston Street
AUSTRALIA     (map)


Street parking available from 1 to 4 hours. The nearest carpark is on corner of Elgin and Lygon Streets, Carlton, just a 5 minute walk from the Statewide Resources Centre.