Please let us know what you thought of Drupal Downunder 2012, so that we may make the next one even better. To provide feedback for a specific conference session, please find it in the program and click on its title.


Was the quality of the food satisfactory?

Was there enough food for you?

Was the provided food varied enough?

What did you think of the venue location? Good? bad?

How did you find the conference facilities at the hotel?


Which topic stream did you most want to see?

How would you rate your Drupalista level?

What would you have liked to see more of?

What was the best thing about the event?

What was the worst thing about the event?

What changes would you suggest for next year's organising team?

What did you find most useful?

What was least relevant?


How has attending DDU changed your perception of the Drupal community?

Why did you come to Drupal Downunder?

How did you hear about Drupal Downunder?

What influenced your decision to attend?

How has attending benefited you or your organisation?

Any ideas for how we should promote the event next year?