Conference Videos via BitTorrent

Drupal Videos

Our apologies for not yet getting the videos onto a central server for your download convenience. The Linux Australia mirror is currently getting replaced with new hardware due to disk failures. This process takes a while, as data needs to be moved from the old server to the new server.

Because many people have asked to get a copy of the videos for offline viewing, we've decided to make the transcoded videos available via bittorrent.

There are two torrent files, each containing the video record of the entire conference and of similar quality. The Ogg Theora videos are 7.7GB all up and the H264 (MP4) videos are just over 18GB.

We're using the PublicBitTorrent and OpenBitTorrent trackers.

Please be patient as the first seeder has limited upload bandwidth, so it'll take the swarm a little while to get going. The Ogg torrent is available from the high bandwidth seed and is smaller, so please download that by preference. The H264 torrent is as yet only on the low bandwidth seed.

If you already obtained a copy of the videos at the mentoring workshop in Melbourne, please help seed, especially the H264 videos ;-)

To to do, create a directory called Drupal Downunder 2012 with two subfolders, one called ovg and one called mp4. Put the Ogg Theora videos in the ovg directory and the H264 videos in the mp4 directory.

Now add the torrents to your torrent client, set it to save to the parent directory of the Drupal Downunder 2012 directory you just created and wait for all files to be verified.