Aegir - Skynet for Drupal

Time slot: 
14 January 13:30 - 14:15
CrossFunctional Room
Building Sites and Systems
Experience level: 
Miguel Jacq

You've probably 'heard of' Aegir - it's a hosting system for managing rapid, automated provisioning and ongoing maintenance (upgrades, cloning, destroying) of Drupal sites.

Aegir itself is made of Drupal - it consists of a Drupal frontend 'control panel' and a 'backend' which makes extensive use of Drush.

This will be an ambitious and largely demonstrative talk (yes that's right, it's a tradition that we always do live Aegir demos) that will cover stuff for newbies as well as those that have seen many-an-Aegir presentation before already:

1) The basics of using Aegir (for those new to the project / with simple needs for managing a small to large set of basic sites)

2) How to upgrade your site(s) to a new version of core / apply changes from a dev site to live

3) How to go berserk with step 2 using automated tools such as Jenkins, Git and Fabric, and see the Matrix

4) How to extend Aegir itself with basic add-ons / an overview of the current Aegir contrib space

5) A quick roadmap overview of where Aegir is and where it's going

mig5 will be presenting this talk and is the Aussie component of the core Aegir development team.

See video


Clearly presented, and covered a lot of ground. Would love to see more from him, going into more depth on Aegir.


Would have loved to hear ab deployment w aegir as well.

Mig is the man

Great knowledge. Composed style. Amazing content. Now where can I get Skynet :)

Good stuff

Needed more time and bigger room. Was good to see Aegir in action as previously I had only heard how awesome it was, and never seen it demoed.

Great talk as always

Miguel was ambitious in attempting to cover all the above facets, but he did a very good job. Someone was praying to the live-demo god.

Great talk

It was good to see Aegir in action, the presentation was really good but needed to be long, and the room needed to be bigger.

Aegir is really a great tool, thanks for the talk and all of the work you've put into it Miguel.