The Dark Arts of Business Analysis: Requirements Gathering with Mind Maps for a Drupal Project

Time slot: 
14 January 13:30 - 14:15
Powerful CMS Room
The Business of Drupal
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Jason Brooks

Although the actual scale of the issue is arguable, it's well established in the Project Management community that a very significant proportion of failed projects are due to poor requirements gathering in the early stages of defining project.

There are many approaches, and no magic solutions - but I'll outline one approach that we take, utilising a Mindmap to reduce the technobabble, and assisting the site builder and client to come to terms on a shared set of expectations.

- Capturing Requirements (you want it to make you coffee too?)
- Iterative Analysis (cleaning up the mess)
- Scoping
- Selecting Contrib Modules.

We'll walk through using a small business website scenario to illustrate the process.

Please find resource links and session slides in original pptx and alternative formats here:


See video


A very useful method to bridge the communication gap between business/management and design/techies.

An idea I will be more that happy to implement myself.