eGility: Drupal ERP based Shopping Cart

Time slot: 
15 January 11:45 - 12:30
Melbourne room
Building Sites and Systems
Experience level: 
Martin Fuggle

There are a few scenarios where Ubercart or Drupal commerce cannot meet the needs of a business, especially when the business is engaged in multiple channels of product distribution - multiple Point of Sale (POS) systems, multiple online stores, multiple warehouses, etc. A full blown ERP is usually sought in such situations, however this brings in a massive complexity with synchronisation of user, product, pricing and inventory to be presented online.

Leveraging a fully open source ERP offering called Adempiere, with Drupal allows businesses to run multiple online stores, multiple POS systems, multiple warehouses and get all the benefits like:

- real time promotions, pricing across systems
- holistic view of a customer across channels
- integrated financials
- multi warehouse support
- support for MRP, planning, financials and more

This presentation will look at how large enterprises can benefit with a full blown ERP with one or more integrated web stores.

Presentation by Martin Fuggle and/or Joe Matthew

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