Ezy-bake Drupal: Cooking sites with Distributions

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15 January 11:45 - 12:30
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Building Sites and Systems
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Stuart Clark
Brian Gilbert

All resources and slides can be found at: http://rl.cm/ezybake

Hi, I'm a Drupal developer and I build websites.

I like this module, that module, and those modules.
I click this checkbox, tweak that setting, and set those variable.
I make websites.

When does this stop being fun, aren't you sick of repeating these same arduous tasks for every site you build?

Meet Distributions, not a new concept at all but one that will save you time and let you get on with the better things in Drupal.

1 x Install profile
1-2 x Drush make file(s)
Add features to taste and stir

A new site ready to go in a matter of minutes.

See video

Excellently presented and great content

Stuart's presentation was second to none at the conference and he really did a great job convincing me to start creating and using distributions.


Introduced me to some very powerful site building concepts and tools - much appreciated and well done. I was especially impressed that you supplied not only your slides but your recipe as well!

DRUSH MAKE - well done!

I enjoyed this presentation as a non-developer, I got a good sense of the purpose of the functionality and the methodology required. Well delivered, thanks!

Links please

I was following along during the session, but the link to the stub example I was able to copy down quickly didn't seem to right for me. http://realityloop.com/sites/realityloop.com/files/uploads/ezybake_drupa...

Can we get link to slides? or at least the first make stub file?


All the information can be found at http://rl.cm/ezybake

The link you referenced for the Stub Makefile is correct, that is all a stub make file needs, that small amount of data.

Best session

Excellent session. Very knowledgeable, well structured presentation that was focused, practical and highly relevant. Great work!