Field, Widgets and Formatters - oh my!

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14 January 11:45 - 12:30
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Code, Core and Contrib
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Lee Rowlands

Drupal 7 saw the introduction of fields in core and a strong api to allow you to define your own fields and widgets giving you the flexibility to integrate your own business logic and functionality into the familiar administrative interface exposed by Drupal.

This session will discuss when you need to roll your own fields, widgets and formatters and why you'd want to do so.

It will then take you through defining a field, widgets and associated formatters for a real world example.


See video

A heap of material

Knowledgable presenter. A lot to get through. I got a little bit lost with some examples but this was mostly due to the breadth of material covered. Has given me lots of ideas for future and I know where to look next time.

Good information

Lee has a thorough knowledge of the Field API and it was nice of him to share it.