Love and Devotion

Time slot: 
14 January 14:30 - 15:15
Melbourne room
Government, Education and NFP's
Experience level: 
Richard Hayward

The State Library of Victoria is a cultural agency of the State Government of Victoria. After implementing its first Drupal project in June 2010, further projects achieved the implementation of several additional Drupal 6 sites using a combination of internal and external resources. The Love and Devotion project combined internal Drupal expertise with the introduction of Realityloop Pty Ltd to the development mix for the first time. The project focuses on creating a new platform to accompany the State Library's significant cultural exhibition program. In February 2012, the Love and Devotion website featuring the manuscripts of medieval Persia will be released. This project introduced Drupal 7 to the State Library's Drupal team for the first time.

Site to be launched 14 February 2012:
Until launch date, this link will take you to the information page about the exhibition. Stay tuned for more!

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Twitter: @penanghill

Slides uploaded Sunday afternoon 15th January 2012, 3:40pm.

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