Responsive Design

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14 January 15:45 - 16:30
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Theming and Design
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Geoffrey Roberts

Responsive Design is a web design philosophy that describes ways of making web pages respond to the device they're viewed on. The techniques that underpin it enables designers to style websites to have an appropriate look and feel for a range of devices, without sacrificing functionality, depth of content, or beauty. It means that you need not waste time developing different versions of your site for different platforms, and as a bonus, ensures your site is ready to work on future platforms or devices.

This session will concentrate as much on the what and why of responsive design as possible, whilst occasionally dipping into the how. It requires understanding on what CSS and JavaScript can do, but will try to skip most of the technical details in favour of a general overview. Other resources will be referred to that explore this technique in greater depth.

Responsive Design is not exclusive to Drupal, and most of the session will be spent discussing it as a general technique. There are tools and themes currently available that will help you use Responsive Design on Drupal sites, and some will be covered.

This session will cover:

* More on what Responsive Design is
* Why you should use it, and what problems you might face
* A review of the ideas that underpin Responsive Design
* How to work with it in Drupal
* A quick example of making a Drupal layout responsive


Example theme:


See video

Effort appreciated

It was clear that a lot of effort was put into the presentation which was much appreciated. The overview to responsive design was good, but I felt a focus on the more practical aspects of responsive design may have benefited the audience more than the ideological and historical discussions.

Presenting to an audience isn't easy, but the effort was there, and that was appreciated. Keep at it and the nerves will get better. One tip: never apologise to an audience -- if you forget your mark, grab a drink of water, and try an recompose yourself.