Scaling out your Drupal and Database Infrastructure, Affordably

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14 January 15:45 - 16:30
CrossFunctional Room
Building Sites and Systems
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Arjen Lentz

It's common for 'simple' Drupal systems to have a combined server for both the web server and the database. That's an easy way to start, but it can become nasty to maintain.

Obviously, any maintenance or upgrade work (OS security updates, for instance) requires scheduled outages. While for some sites that's ok, for many it's not. And what about backups, and the possibility of (parts of) the system failing?

You want to keep things simple, as low budget as possible, and preferably forget about it for most of the time - without it coming back and biting you later.

We regularly help clients move from single systems to more resilient and scalable infrastructures, step by step. We'll show you how it's done (and why), so you can do it too!

See video

Great tips

Great tips on how to scale up when your work starts getting popular. Arjen is a good presenter, and knows his stuff. Clarified for me some of the pros and cons of different approaches to scaling up/out, and their pros and cons.

The "affordable" part wasn't obvious until someone asked at the end. I would have liked a bit more detail about some of the steps, such as when and how to know when to move on to the next step. Maybe next time Arjen could cover the first few steps in more detail.

Much anticipated

Didn't disappoint. Checklist for scaling was great. Love the independent thought - steer clear of anything enterprise :)

One of the better talks

As per your talk last year this was one of the most interesting at DDU. Many talks are about Drupal coding and as a coder myself they are often preaching to the choir. Your talks are refreshing because I find out about all the things I'm not doing, like tuning my server.

Good informational talk on disasters

I really like the idea that disasters are preventable. You delivered the talk really well, but again the size of the room let us down.

Thanks Arjen.

Great information, even for a database noob.

Thanks Arlen, I really enjoyed your session - I was able to follow most of your content even though I'm definately at the noob end of the understanding database scalability.
Congratulations of being able to describe the basic concepts clearly and succinctly. The diagrams to illustrate the backup topologies were great, and really helped. I'm left with a list of things to take away and think about.
Much Appreciated!