Small is beautiful

Time slot: 
15 January 10:45 - 11:30
Powerful CMS Room
The Business of Drupal
Experience level: 
Campbell Angus

We host hundreds of small-to-medium Drupal sites, half 'regular' 'ol websites, and the other half online stores.

We jumped in deep end with Drupal when we started the company 2.5 years ago, and have learnt a lot along with way as we deliver online solutions to the huge small business segment.

Our talk will cover:

- doing business with Drupal
- managing hundreds of small websites - think Aegir
- doing more with less
- streamlining the delivery life-cycle to cater for very simple requirements through to more complex sites
- the cost of making exceptions for clients
- to outsource or not to outsource
- preparing for 100,000 site visits in a one-hour window without impacting our other client's site

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Useful tips

Contained hints as to how to avoid the problems the speaker experienced. Would be useful for those considering following in his footsteps.