Views API Exposed

Time slot: 
14 January 10:45 - 11:30
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Code, Core and Contrib
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Michael Strelan
Mark Matuschka

Views is used by site builders and developers on 68% of Drupal websites, but on many of these sites only the basic functions of Views are in use. This presentation digs beneath the surface to discover the largely undocumented Views API and will demonstrate examples of how and when these hooks can be implemented.

The following topics will be discussed:
• Finding your way around the Views API
• Dynamically modifying the configuration of a view
• Dynamically modifying a view’s query
• Creating a views plugin
• Using a view as a bulk data entry form

Demo site:

See video

Great start for Views development

Good introduction on beginning development with Views with follow up links.

Well structured

Well structured and clear. Good examples. Nice one.

Clear and well thought out talk

I really enjoyed this talk, it was easy to understand but still went in depth enough for most people.