Why become a sponsor?

Drupal in Australia is experiencing extroardinary growth and adoption. The community of developers, designers and site owners is hungry for new knowledge, new opportunities and finding new talent. By sponsoring Drupal Downunder you will get the chance to engage directly with the people making Drupal happen Downunder.

Here's what project founder Dries Buytaert had to say about Drupal Downunder 2011:

There was a great vibe that reminded me of early Drupal events. It is clear that Australians are passionate about Drupal, and that Drupal is getting a lot of traction. At the same time, based on the size of the Drupal shops, the size of projects being launched on Drupal, and the developer centric audience at the conference, it felt like Australia is a few years behind [the US and Europe] in terms of Drupal adoption. That makes for a great opportunity because based on what I saw, there is no doubt that Drupal will see a lot of growth in Australia.

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