Object-Oriented Programming in PHP

Friday 13 January
International Web Development Academy

This workshop is for PHP programmers who wish to learn object-oriented programming using PHP 5. It assumes knowledge of PHP, but not of OOP.

The workshop covers these topics and more:

  • Core principles of OOP
  • Creating classes and objects
  • Class members
  • Magic methods
  • Constructors and destructors
  • Inheritance
  • Visibility modifiers
  • Getters and setters
  • Static members
  • Class constants
  • Inspecting an object's class
  • Autoloading
  • Objects and references
  • Type hinting
  • Cloning
  • Converting objects to strings
  • Abstract and final
  • Polymorphism

This course does not try to teach you every single thing about OOP in PHP, but sticks to what you really need to know. We won't have time to cover overloading, interfaces, reflection, patterns, or the latest OOP features added in PHP 5.3 and 5.4.

This is a work session during which you'll create about 7 inter-related classes and write various scripts to test them. You don't need to be a PHP wiz for this course. Other than the OOP syntax which you'll learn in the workshop, there are no loops, arrays, files, extensions or database stuff - just functions and a few simple expressions. Bring your brain, and a laptop with a functioning PHP environment and an IDE (e.g. NetBeans or Eclipse) ready to go.

Object-Oriented Programming in PHP is provided by IWDA (International Web Development Academy) - http://iwda.biz

This course runs from 9am - 5pm on Friday 13 January at the Jasper Hotel and lunch will be provided.

Price: $395.00